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English Summary

Strategy, Leadership, innovation.

This involves…

  • Values, meaning and future
    Strategies for organisation and management.
  • Management qualities
    Training of managers.
  • Solutions spaces
    Executive coaching, sparring, personal consulting.
  • Team development
    Analysis and optimisation.
  • Cross-cultural management
    Heterogeneity as elementary business potential.

… companies

  • I advise on corporate principles, values, strategies and processes.
  • I develop training concepts and development programmes on their behalf.
  • I coach and supervise departments and project teams.
  • I moderate business conferences and strategy meetings for corporate clients.
  • I extend global competencies together with companies in a tailor-made way.

… and people in management

I accompany

  • in the further development of leadership and management competencies.
  • as a sounding board in personal and organisational change phases.
  • as a sparring partner in strategic decisions.
  • in the self-reflection of roles and presence as a management personality.

 Responsibilities, competencies, decisions.

This involves you and …

  • your challenges, business goals and future-oriented strategies.
  • you shaping skills with regard to human relations in the professional environment.
  • your responsibility to make far-reaching decisions for areas, departments and teams.
  • your management team and colleagues: joint planning and targeted development
  • the continuous development of your company under complex conditions
  • the continuous expansion and anchoring of your core competencies.
  • your efficiency and decision-making skills as a manager and top executive.

The targeted development of business and personal skills is always – time and again – a conscious decision.

I can and would like to professionally and effectively support you in the design and implementation of this process. I would like to be your experienced sparring partner in business and personal matters.

Clear, goal-oriented, authentic.

The cornerstones of my career and my consulting work can be found in my Consultant Profile, .

 My understanding: Company visions require stable management. And dynamically competent managers.

Based on my own management, economic and consulting experience, also in an international context, I know the practice in its facets. I understand your business challenges at the business and human resource levels, and the requirements, questions and problems of your management.  In addition, I am also currently active as a lecturer in the academic sector with various lectures on some of my work topics.  On this basis, I guarantee highly qualitative, effective and precise solutions.


I do not know everything better.
You are the expert on the content – I am your expert for the process.

 What you can expect from me

  • Qualitative, high-quality, broad professional training
  • Comprehensive economic know-how
  • Broad wealth of experience on day-to-day management
  • Strategic-analytic skills
  • Systemic business understanding
  • Passion for my work
  • Empathic-professional attitude
  • Respect, flexibility and absolute discretion

 My offer to top management

  • Open Spaces Review and outlook on strategic values, goal and business topics
  • Focus Zone Reflection partnership on a continuous basis

 Further possibilities for individual persons and groups

  • Business and leadership coaching
  • Values coaching  Values and meaning in self-management and personnel management
  • Performance coaching Supervisory accompaniment of implementation processes
  • Resilience coaching  Burnout prevention, personal responsibility, self-competence
  • Personality coaching Self-concept, conduct & presence as a management personality


  • Classic coaching
  • Online coaching: Any location via telephone, Skype
  • Outdoor coaching: Change in perspective – approach solutions outdoors

Consulting & training

Bad news first: I do not have any finished products for you.

My consulting, training and coaching approaches concerning executive development are also as individual as you are as a company or personality. I personalise my consulting services according to precise assignment clarification. Punctual & and straight to the point.

I stand by the principle of lively-dynamic learning.

My focus is therefore on the direct addition of existing perspectives and the realistic reformation of hindering attitudes. The appropriate translation of adequate implementation opportunities is a fundamental step to concrete action.A central part of my work is to make previously unseen potentials in companies visible in the systemic sense as well as strategically and economically useable.


  • Strategy, e.g.
    Company culture, developing values and principles
    Organisational development
    Innovation and change
  • Moderation & process supervision
    Team workshops
    Business meetings
    Strategy conferences / task forces
  • Management & Leadership, e.g
    Management development programmes
    Solution-oriented communication & dialogue
    Innovation in management work
    Responsibility and entrepreneurship in Management
  • Management personality, e.g.
    Self-competence: Personality in management
    Self-concept: Manage clearly and purposefully
    Presence and effect: Authentic-professional performance
  • Team development, e.g.
    From new team to power team
    Clarify relations – resolve conflicts
    Intercultural – powered by diversity
    Structure and relationship analysis to optimize teams

Do you have any questions and would you like to find out more? My offer: an initital non-binding discussion.

Feel free to cONTACT ME.